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Meet The Elves


Liezl Gevers

Liezl is a Jill-of-all-trades and master of some. Passionate about keeping life exciting, she has had an interesting and dynamic career path which includes project management, academic research, writing, teaching, content management and entrepreneurship. She holds masters degrees in African Studies and History from the University of the Western Cape and Yale University.​

When she's not making merry, this elf can be found busy with her toddler, learning to code, heading up the content team at a digital marketing agency.

Christmastime has always been a time of re-energising and grounding: a time to move out of the cerebral and connect with the spirit of the tide through ritual, tapping into creative energy and reconnecting with those she loves most. It's always been a magical time for her, truly a time to reflect on the past, accept the present and hope for the future. There's a comfort in knowing that this special time of year comes cyclically, and she looks forward to it with great anticipation every trip around the sun. 


Giselle Gevers

Giselle is a Chiropractor by day, Christmas Elf by night. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-20 at 16.08_edited.jpg

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year - a time to make believe and to be filled with the magic of the season. It's all of it for me: the sight of twinkling lights on a grand old tree, the smell of spices and pine, the taste of gingerbread & mince pies, carols playing in the background. But most of all, it's a time to connect to those nearest and dearest. Especially my Christmas Sissie, our kindred spirits take it to the next level. 


Kary Sharratt

Kary doesn't do bios, but she sure does like mince pies!

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It's the mince pies! I can't get enough of them. 

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